5 tips On Keeping Your Central Heating Running

5 tips On Keeping Your Central Heating Running

It unlikely we will get a white Christmas this year, none the less the winter season will be freezing cold. The very last thing you want during the cold snap is to be without central heating, here are 5 tips On Keeping Your Central Heating Running.

For most during the winter cold snap it’s expensive enough without the need for the unexpected call out if the boiler breakdowns or the central heating not working properly. A lot of the time sometime it can’t be helped if something breaks down, this when we would call a gas safe engineer.

To keep you warm, throughout the winter cold snap here are some tips on helping you keeping the central heating working properly.

Keeping Your Condensation Pipe from Freezing:
When the cold snap really bites even the best-maintained boiler will struggle to function if the condensate pipe freezes. Fortunately it’s not a difficult job to put things right if this does occur. In order to prevent the pipe from freezing insulate it by wrapping old towels or rags immediately. Another thing to do is visit your local DIY store and buy some foam pipe insulation.

Keep Your Boiler On Constant:
It might be a good idea as a temporary measure to help you is to keep your central heating on a constant setting as opposed to the timer setting. When you do this keep your room thermostat on a slightly lower temperature of around 15oC. It’s a recommendation as an ongoing solution as it goes against the idea of having an efficient boiler.

Get your Boiler Serviced:
If during the winter cold snap you need your boiler to be working, it can be frustrating when boiler problems occur due to common faults. Before this situation does happen, your boiler needs to be serviced. Call Logical Heating & Plumbing Solutions to arrange the boiler serviced.

Power Flushing:
After a while with older central heating system it can become inefficient due to blocked pipes, preventing radiators from heating up properly. What happen is a black sludge can build up and cause the radiators getting cold spots. In order to get rid of these cold spots is fairly easy using power flushing. What it does is water and cleaning chemicals are pumped through at high pressure which flushes out the black sludge that is causing the blockage. The great thing about power flushing is will make your radiators and central heating more efficient, overall saving your money on your heating bills.

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