5 Tips On how to keep Warm This Winter

5 Tips On how to keep Warm This Winter

There is nothing worst then being really cold in the home, you find yourself unable to concrete on doing mundane task. All you want to do is turn up the thermostat. For this year winter, make sure you can keep Warm This Winter and comfortable within the home at a no extra cost.

Here are 5 tips that are not only energy efficient but also can ensure you are kept warm and cosy throughout the winter:

Research Energy Suppliers: 
There is a lots of energy suppliers increasing their tariffs recently, so it’s worth thinking about your energy supplier and to research the best tariffs for your situation.  There are many companies that has introduced plan which will secure your energy prices for two years, so it worth your while to shop around to find out the best deal for you.

Insulate Your Home:
A good way to keep the heat in is to invest double glazing and other methods of insulation to the home. This is a great way for a long term strategy in reducing your overall energy costs. Another way to keep the home warm is by shutting the doors of room that is not in use, draw thick curtains over window and cover bare floorboards with rugs or blankets.

Set A Timer:
To help you save you cost, set yourself a heating timer so the heating comes on a specific times. The Nest Thermostat goes one step better and will learn your schedule to programme itself. It notices when you’re gone and automatically turns down the heat. You are also be able to see how much heat you are using on a daily basis as you will receive an energy report every month helping you keep track of your energy usage.

Schedule A Boiler Service:

Before the frost really start setting in, schedule an annual boiler service so that any problems can be identified as soon as possible. This does keep you safe from carbon monoxide poisoning and sludge and scale can also reduce the efficiency of your boiler, this means you are using more energy is needed to heat your home.

Be Proactive:
A big way in saving your money and cutting the energy cost is to simply put on a jumper or to have a handy hot water bottle, It’s often the case of adding more layers is all you need.

If you would like professional advice on any heating or plumbing this winter, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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