5 Things You Need to Know About Plumbing

5 things you need to know about your plumbing

Plumbing can cause major disaster within the home.Here are 5 things you need to know about your plumbing.

  1. Know how to cut off the water supply.

Imagine that a plumbing disaster resulted in water spraying everywhere. Any unprepared homeowner would become anxious in this situation. The first thing to do is locate the main water shutoff valve for your home. There should also be functional shutoffs under each fixture.

Do make sure as a homeowner you know how to operate the main water shutoff valve. Remember, you’ll want to be prepared to cut off the water immediately if a burst to happen in the home.

  1. Learn about safe tap water.

Even though we drink tap water every day, we tend not to forget the importance of our plumbing. As unhealthy tap water can pose a risk to everyone in the home, which is why we all need to be aware of the quality of our drinking tap water.

The term ‘potable water’ means water that is healthy and safe to consume. It’s very important that potable water stays clean and uncontaminated. Non-potable water is sewage, groundwater, wastewater, and water that drain from the sink.

Don’t leave the safety of your tap water supply in someone else’s hands. There have been cases around the country recently where people assume that their tap water is safe to drink. You are taking a risk if you aren’t completely sure that your water is free from harmful contaminants.

  1. Pay attention to plumbing safety.

Here are a few areas of concern you should be aware of when it comes to your plumbing’s safety. I’m sure you know this, if water that’s 130 degrees or hotter can cause serious burns if exposed to skin for as little as 30 seconds. If sewage backs up into your home or you have a burst in the sewer pipe, very harmful bacteria and toxic mold can be introduced.

Water damage from leaks can also cause unsafe situations. Drywall can crumble or become brittle, wet floors can become a slipping/falling hazard, and ceilings can hold onto water. Water damage is an unsafe situation that you want to alleviate immediately. Don’t stay in your home if you have a leaky ceiling. Call Logical Heating & Plumbing Solutions,  as soon as possible.

Water heaters can be a safety risk due to the amount of energy that can build up in the unit. If it’s not maintained or installed properly, the tank can burst and cause an explosion.

  1. Everything has a limited life.

Your roof, refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher have a limited lifespan. All your plumbing components do, too. Pipes, garbage disposals, water heaters, faucets, and toilets are all going to fail. Be aware of the lifespan of each fixture in your home.

  1. Research your service provider.

Don’t fall for scams and don’t put your trust in someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. Instead, do your research ahead of time by checking out the business’ reputation. Know exactly who it is that you’re inviting into your home. If you ever do need help with your plumbing, give Logical Heating & Plumbing Solutions a plumbing croydon a call today.

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