5 Electrical Safety Tips

electrical safety tips

Electricity is a great modern convenience, but it can also be dangerous if you don’t know how to keep yourself safe. These electrical safety tips should help you the next time you think an electrical problem might be threatening your home safety.

  • Beware of Flickering Lights
    If you haven’t had your home lighting updated in awhile, you might notice your lights starting to flicker. To combat this, you should replace the wire connectors with new professional grade types. If this problem continues, you should replace the fixture before any larger problems occur.
  • Investigate Faceplates That Are Warm to the Touch
    This could be related to old wiring insulation or an electrical load that is too large for the outlet. You can always try and fix it on your own by removing the plate and examining what lies behind. If you do decide to go down that route rather then have an electricians look at it. Then look for any melted connections, burned insulation or loose splice. If these all seem to check out, your problem is likely related to the amount of power you are asking that outlet to produce.
  • Beware of The Shock From Appliances
    With large, expensive appliances like the refrigerator, we tend to try and milk them to the very end. That is all well and good, but if you are continuously getting shocks from the fridge, that is not something you should ignore. The condensation in your fridge could have ruined the electrical insulation and you are essentially playing with fire every time you use the fridge. Unfortunately, the only solution here would be to upgrade to a newer, more efficient refrigerator.
  • Never Throw Water On an Electrical Fire
    If an electrical fire happens unexpectedly, do not think to throw water on it. Water actually conducts electricity, so pouring it on an electrical fire can actually make the problem worse. In the case of an electrical fire, you should always resort to your fire extinguisher.

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