4 Common Plumbing Problems

4 Common Plumbing Problems

The routine of weekly house cleaning, paying your bills and grocery shopping is just something we doing on a weekly basis in maintaining this environment. Here are 4 Common Plumbing Problems.

As a homeowner you do your best to maintain your home so that you can live in a stress- free environment.

However you ever consider the problem you have could face within the inner working of your home that can disrupt this stress free environment? For example there the dripping the faucet in the sink, the toilet won’t flush and the boiler won’t heat up. These problems could be telling you something and more often than not we ignore or fail to see these small warning signs.

The Tap

There’s nothing worst to come home to discover you have no running water or the water pressure is very low.  Another problem could be the main water valve may be turned off, a burst pipes goes unnoticed which lead to extensive damage to your home.  Over the years, zinc will erode from galvanized pipes and this corrosion can build up over time causing lowered water pressure. If your tap drips, it could indicate that you need to replace the washers. If you have a lot of trouble turning off your taps you may need to replace the spindle or perhaps it is poorly greased or pitted.

The Toilet

When you try to flush the toilet, nothing happen? Does your toilet gurgle? When it does this, it could be an indication that there is a possible partial blockage within the plumbing system. Another problem could be if your toilet runs constantly, it could be telling you that it needs a new float or washers.

The Water or Gas Bills

Have you found your gas or water bill increased suddenly? This problem could be a hidden leak or possibly faucet that runs continuously. Take a look at your boiler or if it might the case of where you need a power flushing done to your system.

The Floorboard Puddles

Have you ever woken up one morning to find your floorboard to be soft and squishing to walk on? This is an issue to do with a blockage floor drain and can be a result from a variety of causes. This issue should be dealt with as soon as possible.

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