4 Cheap Alternatives To Heating A Student Home

4 Cheap Alternatives To Heating A Student Home

As the cold winter season kicks in, the astonishingly hot summer now just feels like a distant memory. It might be tempting to turn up the thermostat and feel the comforting glow as the radiators begin to warm up, but you do need to think of the money.

It might not be such a good idea if you’re a student, after all you’re supposed to be saving money – not spending it! As we all know the cost of energy is rising and that means your heating bills will be increasing. Our advice would be to keep that thermostat off. Here are 4 cheap housewarming ideas that should be taken on board.

Electric heaters for local heating

This option isn’t the most price-friendly option but if you happen to stumble upon one at a charity shop or your grandparents have a spare one then it’s definitely worth considering. This option is a great way of locally heating a small area where you spend the most time in.

Leave the oven door open after cooking

This idea might seem like you’re wasting energy but really you’re not, the warm flow of air from the recently used oven will heat up the room. So next time you’re are heating up a leftover takeaway or frozen food, it might be nice to eat in the kitchen more often from now on.

Hot Water Bottle

This might sound like a silly idea but if you’re trying to save money, you should never have the heating on at night. That being said, there is nothing worse than crawling into a cold bed. A hot water bottle is nice way to heat up the bed before getting in, perhaps do this before you have a night out so when you come home you can get into a warm bed.

Little extra you can do:

While you are keeping the thermostat down low, there is a little extra thing you can do that will help. The first thing is to get your boiler checked over as it controls your hot water so you can run yourself a nice warm bath, getting your boiler checked also saves you from carbon monoxide poisoning. Another tip is to look for cheap insulation; you can buy cheap draught proof strips.

Remember, you’re only student once. So even if you can afford to turn the thermostat dial up, leave it off and live like a student for a while.

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