3 Steps to Consider when Hiring a Plumber

3 Steps to Consider when Hiring a Plumber

Sooner or later something within the property something will goes wrong. It can be the case of where the toilet won’t flush, there a drain blockage or a problem with the faucet. Here are 3 Steps to Consider when Hiring a Plumber.

Hiring a plumber is a necessary and unfortunately there’s no way around that. However there are a variety of ways to get the most value for your money.

Plumber’s Hourly Rates

The first concern when hiring a plumber is to consider it reputation. Take a look online for online testimonials from past customers, this can be found on checkatrade, trustedtrader and the website own page.

Once you had a look at the plumber testimonials, you will need to consider the hourly rate of hiring one. It can be difficult to compare rates because of the many ways plumbers count their hours, for example travel time is a factor to consider as plumbers spend a large part of the day driving from job to job. Feel free to ring up and ask about their hourly rates.

Minimise Plumbing Needs

The most common plumbing calls have to do with drains; one example of common drain problem is built up grease. There is a way to counteract this is by reducing the grease build up, try using available products that is design to clear this and you may find you clogged drain won’t build up so quickly.

Another factor is hair, as strands can break off and cause a clogged drain. A preventable problem is frozen pipes, so make sure all your pipes are in a heated space or well insulated.

Reduce the Plumber’s chargeable time

The easiest way to save you money and time is to go through your home and check every faucet and fixture. Write down everything that drips, runs and is clogged and that way you can get your plumber take care of all the problems at once. Anything you can do to save your plumber time will also save you money so it best to be organised.


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